TCS Taipei Chamber Singers,台北室內合唱團



台北室內合唱團創立於1992年,為亞洲頂尖之人聲演唱團體,自成立以來,屢屢在歐洲重要國際合唱大賽中獲得優異成績,並成功地站上歐洲、美洲、亞洲地區重要之國際音樂節舞台,展露令人印象深刻之優異演唱能力與藝術內涵。台北室內合唱團十餘年來,與多位國際知名指揮大師,如Gunther Theuring、Peter Phillips、嚴良(方方土)、Paul Traver、Bob Chilcott、Frieder Bernius等人合作,獨具風格的音色與表現力,獲得大師們的肯定。以前瞻眼光,專注演繹當代音樂,台北室內合唱團致力於現代音樂的成績斐然,分別受邀於2007年「ISCM_ACL國際現代音樂節」(2007 ISCM-ACL World Music Days Hong Kong)、2008年「IFCM世界合唱音樂論壇」(The 8th World Symposium on Choral Music Denmark)中,演唱東西方現代合唱音樂,並為音樂節之委託創作進行世界首演發表。


TCS Taipei Chamber Singers

Founded in 1992, Taipei Chamber Singer is one of the top vocal groups in Asia. TCS has built up a brand of choral music well-known in Asia, America and Europe with its pursuit of perfection in choral music. International renowned conductors like Gunther THEURING, Peter PHILLIPS, YAN Liang-kun, Paul TRAVERT, Bob CHILCOTT and Frieder BERNIUS, with whom TCS has cooperated with, have always given TCS credit for its excellent vocal performance.

Endeavoring to interpret contemporary music with an advanced vision, TCS’s devotion to the field of modern music has paid off. TCS has been invited to ISCM-ACL World Music Days Hong Kong in 2007 and The 8th World Symposium on Choral Music Denmark in 2008, performing modern choral music from East to West. TCS was also invited to premiere the works commissioned by the occasions mentioned above. In order to enhance the quality and quantity of works of modern choral music by Chinese composers, TCS has been working on the “Music Unlimited Program”, cooperating with internationally well-known Chinese composers like LEE Tzyy-Sheng, CHEN Mei-Chun, CHEN Chiung-Yu, CHANG Yiu-Kwong, YIM Fuk-Wing, CHAN Wai-Kwong, CHAN Wing-Wah and JEN Chen-Hui, striving to make the world know the perfection in choral music that is achieved by TCS.